Dns Validation

EmailValidator 2.0

No Image Validation Control first checks syntax of email address before actually checking with SMTP server and mailbox. By default ASP.Net Email Address Validator Control checks your system for your primary DNS server. As a benefit, you can specify specific DNS Servers in the form of a comma-delimited string. ASP.Net Email Address Validator Control will attempt to connect to each one, until a successful connection is made, and then use the first responsive

MintDNS 2008 2.0: MintDNS is the most robust and feature rich Dynamic DNS server suite on earth.
MintDNS 2008 2.0

DNS is the engine behind many popular Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Services. If you have ever owned a Panasonic or Shixin Digital IP camera, and configured it`s included Dynamic DNS (DDNS). Then you have most likely used MintDNS! Supporting both Dynamic and Static DNS, MintDNS also supports several standard update protocols, which enables support for many existing third party IP update clients and many hardware firmware clients (Any compatible device

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Masked DNS 1.2.1

DNS package includes Masked DNS Server and Masked DNS Manager. Masked DNS server is a windows service. Masked DNS Manager is implemented as GUI application. Masked DNS Server provides continuous domain name system functioning and Masked DNS Manager is a simple but sophisticated application that is intended to monitor, manage, configure and administrate either local and/or remote Masked DNS Servers simultaneously. The distinctive features of the Masked

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MultiDNS 1: The indispensable tool for resolving DNS addresses on more then one network
MultiDNS 1

DNS proceeds with the next server in the list. The list of secondary DNS servers would be the list of DNS servers normally found in the adapter configuration. However, when using Globesoft MultiDNS, the adapter must be configured to use only the local DNS server, provided by Globesoft MultiDNS, and the DNS server list must be transferred to the configuration section of Globesoft MultiDNS. MultiDNS can be installed on a laptop or on a server. Typical

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SkDNS ActiveX Control SkDNS ActiveX Control is lightweight and powerful DNS ActiveX control
SkDNS ActiveX Control

SkDNS ActiveX Control is a DNS (Domain Name Service) ActiveX control that can be used for network diagnosing, troubleshooting, and monitoring. The Magneto Software DNS (Domain Name Service) ActiveX control (SkDNS.OCX) allows developers to integrate the DNS protocol message sending capability into their applications. SkDNS ActiveX control can be used from any 32-bit Windows development environment, including Visual Basic, Visual C++, etc.

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DNS ActiveX Control Lightweight and powerful DNS ActiveX control
DNS ActiveX Control

DNS ActiveX control (skdns.ocx) allows developers to integrate the DNS (Domain Name Service) protocol message sending capability into their applications. DNS ActiveX Control is compliant with RFC 1034 and RFC 1035. DNS ActiveX Control can retrieve information about the host/domain by performing a general DNS lookup, or to list addresses in specified domain by performing an AFXR (special zone transfer) lookup. DNS ActiveX Control is capable of performing

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DnsLibrary 1.03: COM object that makes secure dynamic DNS updates easy from scripting languages
DnsLibrary 1.03

The DNS Library is a COM object that makes dynamic DNS updates to BIND, Microsoft and other RFC-2136-compatible DNS servers possible from most languages in an easy way. The library supports the following record types: A, MX, SRV, NS, CNAME, PTR, TXT. The library implements 5 components: DnsLibrary.Server, DnsLibrary.Resolver, DnsLibrary.Authentication, DnsLibrary.ResourceRecord, DnsLibrary.ResourceRecordSet. Secure updates supported.

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